Unique traditional music of Myanmar

Similar to other countries in the world, traditional culture and art of Myanmar reflect impressively typical features. Traditional music band of Myanmar is not only large about the number of musical instruments but also attractive to tourists traveling to Myanmar with unique timbres

Myanmar’s traditional music band is called Saing Waing consisting many kinds of musical instruments. Any tourists traveling to Myanmar in the first time will be impressed by the great band with a set of drums, a set of gongs (Kyi Waing), bamboo bells (Pattala), wind instruments and string musical instruments. A set of drum, called Pat Waing, is a large set of drums of Myanmar people, having up to 21 pieces. The small set of drums has up to 9 pieces. Wind instruments consist Hne or Oboe and flute, in which, Hne is a kind of music instrument for very high sound. Gongs set also has 9 pieces. Sometimes, they will use the rectangular gongs. It is hung on a rectangular frame with some circular gongs. It is extremely impressive, isn’t it? Do not forget the wonderful sounds from this music band when traveling to Myanmar


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Specifically, in Myanmar folk music, Saung-gauk is the most typical one attached with Myanmar culture. It is often used for ancient songs of locals. To play this kind of music instrument, the artists need to practice it for at least 10 years. There are not many artists playing it but if any, they are very skilful and talented in music

Moreover, Myanmar has other typical musical instruments such as Sidaw (bass drum) for important events, Ozi (jar-shaped drum) and Dobat (cylindrical drum) for village festivals, bonshay (long drum) and bongyi (large drum) for harvest festivals


The interesting thing to tourists when discovering traditional musical instruments of Myanmar is that the drum of Myanmar people can change the sound by attaching glutinous rice with into the drum bottom

Typically, each ethnic group of Myanmar owns its musical instruments. For example, Kayah people has a unique flute that is long or short bamboo tubes combining together into the triangle.

From 50s of 20th century, many Western musical instruments were introduced into Myanmar, especially in the big cities. However, these musical instruments cannot replace traditional ones but contribute making Myanmar music diverse. Myanmar people only use traditional musical instruments for festivals and Lunar New year. The great sounds from these will be kept forever. Myanmar traditional music is always the symbol of cultural beauty and impression to anyone who travel to Myanmar

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