Top Attractive Cham Towers In Binh Dinh

New features in the architectures and the sculptures of Cham towers in the martial mysterious land are like the legends of this place.
Banh It Tower (Tower Silver)
Banh It Tower cluster includes 4 towers scattered on a hill of the village of Dai Loc, Phuoc Hiep commune, Tuy Phuoc District, Binh Dinh, Quy Nhon City.
The architecture and decoration of each tower is different. The main tower is majestic with paneled columns. The south tower has curved roofs. The gate tower has a similar architecture but smaller than the main tower. The tower which is located on the southeast creates warmness.
 Banh It Tower
Banh It Tower (Tower Silver)
Canh Tien Tower ( Dong Tower)
Canh Tien Tower is located in Nhon Hau commune, An Nhon district, the city of Quy Nhon. Unlike other Cham towers which were entirely made of brick, a half of Canh Tien Tower was built of sandstone. In addition to the characteristic motifs of Cham architecture, the tower is also impressed with the phoenix-shaped textures in every corner of the tower floors. At sunset, viewing from afar, you will see the tower like a fairy graceful dancing in the middle of the sky.
Canh Tien Tower ( Dong Tower)
Doi (Twin) tower ( Hung Thanh tower)
Located at the gateway to downtown Quy Nhon ( Dong Da Ward), is a cluster of two large and small towers as a couple. Doi Tower’s architecture is similar to Cham towers.
Duong Long Cham Tower (Nga Tower)
Duong Long Cham Tower is a complex of three towers. The largest tower in the middle is located on a hill of Tay Binh commune, Tay Son district, Quy Nhon. Duong Long towers are smaller structures toward the tops and end in blooming lotuses. Duong Long Cham Tower is “strange” with the participation of large stones in the corner as well as the appearance of the decorative stone sculptures.
Duong Long Cham Tower
Duong Long Cham Tower (Nga Tower)
Binh Lam Tower
Unlike other tower built on high, Binh Lam tower is built on a flat land of Binh Lam village, Phuoc Hoa commune, Tuy Phuoc District, Binh Dinh. Apart from the grandeur of the 20 meter high tower, the tower also impress guests by its the domes like the miniature castles, the twisted and symmetrical style motifs which are carved directly into Cham bricks. After admiring  the tower, visitors can visit the vestiges of the war against Nguyen – Mongolia in the Thi Nai citadel.
Thu Thien tower
The columns in Thu Thiem tower are not carved or decorated like the other towers. They are smooth and flat. Inside the tower, the wall opposite the entrance has 12 stone statues. Tower also owns a “skylight” to get light from the square windows on the top of the door frame.
Phu Loc Tower
Phu Loc Tower, also known as Thoc Loc is located in Nhon Thanh commune, An Nhon district, the city of Quy Nhon. It is located on a 76m  high hill, bringing the majestic appearance,. Standing in the tower, you can admire the buffaloes grazing leisurely, the white heron wings on the vast green rice fields of the two districts of An Nhon and Phu Cat.

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