The most favorite time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar is an ancient country, the country is famous for religious relics, which not only perform sophisticated architecture but also have great magnitude. The representative places for architecture in Myanmar are Shwedagon Golden Pagoda in Yangon city, Kyaikhtiyo Golden Pagoda in the former capital Bago and the complex of about 1000 pagodas and temples in Bagan city.
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Besides, the tourists are attracted by the wild natural and peaceful appearance of Inle Lake, the beauty of Ngapali Beach and some exotic customs of the long-neck Pa-O. With the interesting advantages, the tourism, especially Myanmar luxury tours are developed with the remarkable race.

Shwedagon Pagoda is the most holy pagoda in Myanmar. It was built in the period from 6th to 10th century and believed to contain relic of four Buddhas. Nowadays, Shwedagon Pagoda is not only the place to the most important rituals but also the favorite destinations of many luxury trip to Myanmar.

Travelling: The most favorite time

Myanmar has a hot and humid weather, which can be quite annoying for the tourists to visit outside spots. Therefore, almost of Myanmar luxury tours are launched in autumn, from October to February of the next year, when the weather is cool and comfortable. In some place of Myanmar, such as Yangon, from July to September is rainy season but visitors can also go to Bagan and Mandalay at the time.

Besides buses, taxi is the most popular vehicle to travel in Myanmar. Because the roads in the city are quite old and small, you can hardly find the motorbike or bike on the road.

Moving: Transportations to travelling in Myanmar

Airplane is the most popular vehicle that the tourists choose to go to Myanmar or travel around inland destinations. From Vietnam, visitors can book a round trip ticket of Vietnam Airlines from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Yangon – the ancient capital with the cost of around 300-350 USD. In the low season of tourism, they offer some sale off campaign in which visitors can have the ticket just with half of the normal price (about 120 USD, include tax). Some people can book the tickets offered by Air Asia (transit in Bangkok) with the fee from 200-300 USD for one round-trip ticket.

Together with airplane, visitors can use intercity bus as a convenient and cheap transportation to travel around inland destinations in Myanmar. If you choose to go by bus, remember to bring a warm coat because it is quite cool, while sitting on a night-trip bus. Besides, taxi is not a bad choice to travel in the city. Almost of the taxi do not have trip meter, so the visitors should make a deal for the cost of the trip (normally, one meter cost about 50 cent). Meanwhile, the railroads are degraded and the roads are quite small, which make difficult for visitors to travel by train or by motorbike.


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