Sailing Puerto Vallarta: Unleash Your Thirst for Adventure

Puerto Vallarta can be called as one of the best vacation destinations in the world. This place is located on the Bay of Banderas which falls on the Pacific Coast of Mexico carrying the Sierra Madre Mountains that falls over the background. The traditional Mexican atmosphere is simply portrayed amidst the natural beauty and color of the city, which is showcased the best by plazas, churches and other stuff. One can call Puerto Vallarta to be the most visited place by a number of sun lovers as the sun shines here for not less than 320 days every year. In the meanwhile, you can find the private charters punta mita turning to be undertone wherein you can find loads of tourists naturally gravitate towards the waters.


Every day we can find loads of people leaving homes looking out for adventure over the sea beaches. You can visit the luxury sail and thus can enjoy good time over the bay. There are loads of people who take this opportunity to go for snorkel and even interact with the lovely dolphins and the mighty whales in their natural habitat or even swim along with controlled setting. This relationship can be often good for visitors that will make you happy and make them respect the nature.

Going on a tour at places like Puerto Vallarta is among the most recommended thing to any tourist especially for the ones who have never travelled inside the Spanish speaking place simply due to the fact that they can still live in the US amidst the different culture of course. Though you may be on the tour over Sailing Puerto Vallarta, it would be a great experience for you all to visit an island here called Yelapa especially to check the village life found in Mexico.

Well, always remember that you are on vacation hencemake sure you make the most of it. Don’t forget or feel lazy to explore Nuevo Vallarta as much you can the more you do so the more you enjoy its beauty. And bet you the people here you would find the friendliest people in the world. So, better have some basic lessons for Spanish words and trust me it would be fun with the language you have and interact with the locals.

The words like Hola! Como estas? Gracias will help you in connecting the local people the best. Also, you can check few websites to catch some words online in their local accent and way of saying them. If nothing works, check a local bookstore and get one small Mexican Spanish phrase book, you can find have lists of foods, the most common phrases used in this place, the important local numbers, directions and many more, which you need to make your vacation even better.

Before heading to this place have some time in researching your vacation destination. The more you get to know the better will be your vacation. And whenever you have something interesting and worthy things to save, always copy and paste the stuff in your word file to check it later while you be at this place.  Remember to tell the world you had the Best of Nuevo Vallarta.

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