Jobs that enable you to travel the world

Being able to travel the world is the dream of many of us. But it’s not an easy task. However, what if you can still do your full-time job while traveling the world? With these jobs, you can.


Professional photographers often have many opportunities to visit many corners of the world. What you need is your own camera gear and real talents to prove to magazines and press companies to hire you shooting some stunning photos for them.

Jobs that help you traveling the world


Similar to photographers, archaeologist is aided to travel and conduct research on historic sites. It is perfect for those who is keen of history, culture and always have the hunger to discover new things.



Being a musician is not easy at all, but if you are one, it is likely that you will have the chance to travel frequently on musical shows and festivals.


Flight attendants

They fly and travel the world for free. However, flight attendants don’t have much time to stay and discover the destinations as they often have to get ready for their next flight.


Tour guides

More specifically, outbound tour guides are paid to travel with tourists. But the job will requires you to have insights about the destinations you are traveling to.


Working on an ocean cruise

Another travel-related job that enables you to travel extensively. Whether you are cruise captain, or sailor, chef, you will have the chance to visit plenty of beautiful ports all over the world. But this is not for you if you are prone to seasick.



Whether you are a Hollywood superstar or simply a supporting cast, you will likely to have to travel quite a lot on different projects. And the best thing is you totally have enough time to visit all surrounding areas.


Journalists or reporters

If you enjoy your writing and love travel even more, being a journalist or reporter can be the visa to traveling the world. These jobs will provide you opportunities to take part in many sporting events, musical performances, or film festivals…



Pro: You will meet lots of influential people from all over the world. Con: You have to endure immense work pressure and a busy trip schedule. If you don’t mind the downside, try hard to become a diplomat.



Being an aupair means you are exchange students who live in a local family, learn the culture and language day by day. You can help them doing a variety of work such as cleaning the house, gardening, baby-sitting. In return, you will be paid and you can use that money to travel.


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