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Do you know that the self-powered flimsy looking two wheeler in your garage – aka you bike- can take you for a ride? You don’t even need to be a world class athlete to go visit some places on your bike. Bike travelling makes your mind free, is environment-friendly, and gives great exercise to your body. But, bike travelling is something which many people can’t figure out on their own. Below are some of the things to consider before you go for a ride on bike:

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How Long do you Want to Go?

This is the first thing to think about before going for a trip on your bike. Many travel websites and blogs talk about biking across the country or even around the world. But, these kind of tours are for adventurers, not ordinary people like you and me. You can plan for a trip on your bike for a month, a week, or even for a couple of days. Like any other travel trip, ensure that the time that you allot for the trip is enough for the distance you want to travel and the duration you want to spend at the destination.

Where do you want to Go?

After distance, the next thing you need to think about is your destination. There are lots of maps of bike routes for destinations around the world now. These bike route maps come handy when planning your own bike tour. Guided tours are also available for people who like the company of others during their travel. But, ensure that you go to the kind of location you want to go, not where the trials are easy. And finally, don’t forget to know about some aspects of the place you want to visit like weather, law and order, proper roads, etc.

Hotels and Camping

Decide upon the place where you want to stay during your trips. Travel websites have the list of hotels for travel destinations all over the world. Some travel companies are now publishing maps which list out the places for you to stay at the end of everyday of your biking trip. You can also stay at the roadside motels if you are travelling in US or other parts of developed world. In places like Asia and Africa, you may need to carry your own tents for camping as hotels are not available. Look online for a durable, compact tent with good air circulation.


What Should you Take Along With?

Travelling on a bike will not let you to pack and carry much. But, you will need to carry minimum luggage like helmet, clothing, phone, passport (when travelling abroad), food, water, and snacks. The need to carry other items like toilet paper, soaps, an blankets depends on the place where your are travelling. If you are travelling to some isolated places, you may need to carry more food and water. Take a test ride with the predicted luggage to check whether your bike can support it.

Once the above factors are thought about properly, you will be ready to embark on an adventure on your very own humble bike.

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