Exploring the Wildness of Vung Bau beach

Vung Bau Beach (Phu My district) is located approximately 30 km from Quy Nhon City Center to the north. It is a quiet beach with clear blue water and pristine beauty.

The wild pristine Vung Bau beach in the heart of Phu Quoc (located in the northwest of Phu Quoc) seems nestled between Ong Lang and Dai (Long) beaches. Apart from the name of Vung Bau, this beach is also called Ban Nguyet (semicircular) beach because of sand with a length of about 6km is in the crescent shape and is quite unspoiled, and therefore this beach is suitable for activities such as swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

Vung Bau beach

To reach the beach of Vung Bau, from the city of Quy Nhon, driving along the provincial road 633 about 30 km, visitors will meet De Gi fishing port. Then from the fishing port, visitors take the boat passing Hon Lan mountains and reach the beach of Vung Bau.

If visitors prefer trekking combined with hiking, you can go by road, climb Hon Lan mountains to reach Vung Bau.

However, going to Vung Bau by waterways, visitors will have the experience of sailing, walking round the foot of the mountain where there are rocks with bizarre shapes always exposed to white breaking waves. On the cliffs, you sometimes encounter some fishermen sitting fishing like Khuong Tu Nha (Jiang Ziya, a famous person of China in the past) fishing and waiting for the time.

From De Gi fishing port, it will take you about 30 minutes traveling by boat to reach the unspoiled beach of Vung Bau. Going along the white cliffs, sometimes can be startled by the seagulls swinging on the waves…

Vung Bau is isolated from residential areas, so there are the high and long, gentle sand dunes, many undulating cliffs, it is like in the words of writer Nguyen Tuan “as wild as a prehistoric shore…”.

Behind the sand hills, there are unspoiled forests, the wild wooded parcels of land. And the outside is the flattened, bent beach dunes. The sea water here is blue, not too deep which approximately reaches waist.

Like all the beaches located along the west side of Phu Quoc, the sunset in Vung Bau makes you admired and satisfied in nice weather days.

Because the scenery is wild and there are quite a few residents in the area, Vung Bau is the ideal place to enjoy moments of peace and to listen to the waves slapping.

Due to the untouched nature, the space in Rong (Dragon) cape (of Vung Bau beach) looks very peaceful. Coming here, you can swim in the cool water which is so clear that you can see the bottom. Besides swimming, visitors can rent a kayak from the nearby resort and move to Mong Tay island. Additionally, if you can swim, you can reach Mong Tay island from the south of Vung Bau located in Mai Phuong Resort.

Although the coast of Vung Bau is still relatively unspoiled, the beach area has some tourism services such as standard hotels, resorts so visitors can stay here overnight and experience the activities such as fishing, snorkeling, night squid fishing. The rent of boat to the island will range from 700,000 – 1,000,000 VND / person.

Vung Bau doesn’t have many restaurants, so you can choose the services of the motels in the area with prices ranging from 100,000 VND / meal / person, and a range of 250,000 VND / person with BBQ grill, seafood buffet. In addition, visitors can also kayak around the ledge, dive for snails, fish … and then grill fish, drink beer on the spot …

After a day of playing with the waves, visitors will have a burning sensation running over his body because of the wind and sunbeams of the Central. In return, people have opportunities to stand on the sand dunes, cliffs watching the sea and enjoy the storm winds blowing from the sea…

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