Best Beaches in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is famous for romantic beaches which are harmonious combinations between mountains and seas creating “charming painted marine” scenes hard to resist for visitors. Besides on casuarina pines and green coconut forest are white sand beaches which are gentle and calm and have clear blue water like Tuy Hoa Beach , Thuy Long Beach, Xep Beach, Goc Beach, Nom Beach, and more. They are ideal for relaxation, recreation, camping, swimming, scuba diving, and enjoying special seafood dishes along with relatives, families and friends. Bai Goc – Goc Beach Bai Goc is the place where the port of Vung Ro oil refinery with a total investment of $ 3.2 billion will be set.


Bai Goc

Bai Tram – Tram Beach

Bai Tram Hideaway, a resort project of foreign investment went into operation first in Phu Yen. Bai Tram Hideaway Resort with villas roofed by palm roofs, surrounded by honeycomb stone walls making  the resort closer to nature and equally luxurious and comfortable.

Bao Xep- Xep Beach

Xep Beach is wild, but the place to implement a resort with a total investment of up to $ 4.3 billion. The beach is 500 meter  long and  impressed with clusters of black stones. Walking barefoot on soft sand like someone massage you gently amazing.

Xuan Dai Bay

Recognized as a national scenic relic, Xuan Dai Bay is one of the typical landscapes in Phu Yen, known as a fairy sleeping on this earth. Nature is still very unspoilt with fishing villages under  the cool shadows of the coconut trees. The pure beauty that Xuan Dai Bay brings is sure to attractive many tourists.


Xuan Dai Bay

Hon Yen Island

Hon Yen has pristine blue water. According to the ancients, Hon Yen was at sea away from the mainland. As time passed, sand in the shore encroached the sea, leading to  the distance of only a few dozen meters between the Hon Yen and the shore. When water tide, visitors can walk to Hon Yen to observe sea creatures like corals, urchins clung to the stone rims looking fancy …

Phu Yen fishing ground

Phu Yen is a major fishing area, famous for tunas, but other types of seafood are also varied and especially very cheap.

Bai Mon beach

Bai Mon beach appears gently with the fishing boats offshore and carries a pristine beauty with a beach stretching and being submerged in emerald green water.

More interestingly, the west of the beach also has a freshwater stream which starts from Bac Deo Ca primeval forest with many cliffs and green trees, runs over the beach and pours into the sea. Coming to Bai Mon, in the early morning visitors can buy fresh seafood from the fishing boats docking at dawn apart from being  immersed in cool blue sea water.

Bai Mon Beach

Bai Mon Beach

If you are intending to travel for a vacation, do not go to the famous beaches which are noisy with expensive prices. Coming to Phu Yen with the most beautiful beaches in the central will give you the most amazing experiences and the fullest natural and most pristine feelings.

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